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Lou Piniella to give Michael Barrett more time off so he can devote himself to starting underground fight club

Lou Pinella is giving Michael Barrett more time off, but he claims it has nothing to do with Barrett’s recent altercations with his pitchers.

A slightly altered exchange, courtesy of

Lou: I’m f—ing Lou. Who the f— are you?

Lou: [Lou hits Michael in the face] Do you hear me now?
Michael: No I didn’t quite catch that Lou.
[Lou hits Michael again]
Michael: Still not getting it.
[Lou hits Michael a few more times]
Michael: Ok, I got it. S— I lost it.
[Lou continues to beat up Michael]

Michael: [His face is soaked in blood. He is shaking it over Lou and screaming] You don’t know where I’ve been. You don’t know where I’ve been. Just let us have the basement Lou.

Yup, slow day at work.

Source: (MSNBC)

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