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Don Imus may not have a job, but at least he’s an inspiration to the adult film industry

Now that everyone on the planet has responded to Don Imus’ controversial comments about the Rutgers womens basketball team, I know you’ve been thinking one thing.

“Man, I sure wish someone would make a pornographic video about the whole thing!”

Have no fear, everyone, some enterprising filmmakers have filled that void in your video library!

I present  “Nappy Headed Ho’s: That’s Some Rough Girls”, hitting a store near you this summer.

The filmmakers had this to say about their work:

Nappy Headed Ho’s stars girls with closely twisted or curled hair (the dictionary definition of “nappy”), who have sex for money (the dictionary definition of “ho”). It features seven sex scenes and has a running time of over two hours!

I know that a lot of you out there purchase DVDs just because of the bonus features. Well, this title won’t let you down. Bloopers are featured among the many extras.

You’ll also be pleased to know that this DVD is all for a good cause. The filmmakers have pledged to donate $1 from every DVD sold to a retirement fund for Don Imus. Should he reject the money, they will donate it to the United Negro College Fund.

Now that’s a deal you can’t pass up – how often does one get to write off porn on their taxes?

Source: (Best Week Ever)

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