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Peyton Manning inches closer to television monopoly by hosting SNL

Peyton Manning hosted Saturday Night Live tonight, and I have to say, he was actually pretty funny.

He made fun of the fact that he’s been in so many commercials in his opening monologue. The monologue also featured Peyton introducing the rest of his family who was in the audience. After introducing his father and brother, he had this to say about his mom.

“She never made it to the NFL,” Manning said, feigning disgust. “Didn’t have what it took. Got cut by the Dolphins, tried Canada for a bit. She’s a real disappointment for all of us.”

The first sketch right after the monologue was also pretty funny. It was a spoof of the NFL United Way commercials. It showed Peyton playing football with a bunch of kids. He starts out talking about teamwork, and it quickly degenerates into him hitting kids in the heads with footballs, yelling at them, punishing one of them by making the kid sit in a port-a-potty, and telling them what he does to “snitches”.

Later on, a stale sketch making fun of dumb blondes doing well in office pools (how original!) also made fun of Peyton’s old reputation for choking in the playoffs.

I’ll freely admit that I’m not a big fan of Peyton Manning, but I do like him a bit more after this appearance. I had him pegged as someone without a sense of humor, but he proved otherwise. He’s no Rainn Wilson, but as a non-actor he did a respectable job hosting.

Source: (MSNBC)

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