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Video: Dancing with the Stars? Not nearly as entertaining as Dodging Punches with Frank Lampard

Following last night’s 2-1 win over Tottenham, Chelsea’s Frank Lampard had to take on another challenge.

Watch above as a Spurs fan runs on to the pitch and takes a swing at Lampard. Lampard ducks the punch, but his teammates and security then pile on, and after a brief battle the man is taken away.

Judging by the quality of the punch thrown, and the stupidity of the act, I’d guess that the guy was drunk. While this all was going on, a Chelsea fan decided he wanted to get involved as well, but is stopped by security.

Here’s a safety tip, kids. If you are going to run around on the pitch at an English Cialis soft vs cialis match, please just streak. Everyone will just laugh at you running around with your junk out in the cold, and you probably won’t get in too much trouble. Running down and attempting to punch a player will only get you a beating from his teammates and the police.

Source: (The Guardian)

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