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O Valencia! Champions League match ends in brawl

Yesterday’s Champions League match between Valencia and Inter Milan ended in exciting fashion. Valencia advanced after winning 2-2 on aggregate due to the away goals rule, but after the match, a huge brawl broke out that spread over the entire pitch as well as the locker rooms.

Things to look out for:

  • David Navarro of Valencia, who didn’t even play in the match, running on to the pitch to punch Nicolas Burdisso of Inter Milan, breaking his nose, then running away like Carmelo Anthony
  • Several Inter Milan players trying to catch Navarro in comical fashion. A couple slip and fall down and another receives a kick for his trouble
  • A brawl in the stadium hallways as the Inter Milan goalkeeper enters the Valencia locker room
  • And of course… the play that started it all off. While the brawl was escalated by Burdisso and Navarro (with help from Carlos Marchena), what made Marchena so pissed off in the first place was the forearm thrown by Marco Materazzi on a pretty violent collision. Yes, that Marco Materazzi. Wherever there’s trouble, that’s where he’ll be!

All in all, a pretty good brawl for soccer players. They fight better than a lot of the NBA players we’ve seen recently & provided some entertaining moments. As the Champions League narrows down to the final few teams, we’ll certainly see some more heated battles.

Source: (BBC)

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