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Aramis Ramirez: Whine Connoisseur

Yesterday, Aramis Ramirez complained about how his legs felt during day games.

“There are a lot of day games in Chicago, and when you play a night game and then a day game the next day, that’s tough,” he said. “Sometimes your legs don’t feel 100 percent or even 90 percent, but your team needs you. I played that way a lot of times.”

Poor, poor, Aramis. You don’t see this kid complaining about his legs, now do you?

That backflip is pretty sweet, even though he misses breaking his neck by a couple of inches.

Somewhere, while Aramis is whining about how his legs feel, Aaron Fotherinham is having fun at a skate park even though he can’t walk. I can certainly tell you who I have a lot more respect and admiration for.

Source: Chicago Tribune & Google Video

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