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More and more schools ban tag. More and more kids look like Ted Washington. Coincidence?

An article from today’s Arizona Republic discusses how more and more schools are banning tag during recess due to liability reasons & kids getting hurt. It used to be that kids would get hurt during recess and it would just be accepted as part of being a kid, but nowadays, some parents will sue the school. At the same time, there are also parents who refuse to believe that their kid would do anything wrong if their child does indeed hurt someone. The schools are caught in between.

If kids can’t run around during recess and physical education programs continue to be cut, then we will end up with a nation of kids who just sit on their fat asses all day long.

I don’t blame the schools for this. If parents are going to sue them, then they have to protect themselves. Fortunately, some of the schools in the article do seem to be dealing with the issue well. They allow adapted versions of tag, so the kids still get to run around.

I didn’t grow up that long ago, but when I was a kid we were always outside playing all day long. When I go through those same neighborhoods now, all the kids are inside. Everybody’s playing video games, or their parents are too afraid to let them go outside. I have news for you, it’s perfectly safe outside. Just keep an eye on your kids and teach them how to be safe (and work with other parents to do so). There was never any surge in the rate of kidnappings, that was the media having nothing better to do. They can still play video games too, but nothing beats a good game of baseball or football outside. And yes, they might get hurt sometimes. But that’s part of being a kid.

So let your kids play, and let them have tag and touch football at recess. Otherwise we will someday see kids who make Ted Washington look like David Eckstein.

Source: AZCentral

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