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Go Figure – A Plan To Save Figure Skating

You might have missed this story yesterday, but figure skating is declining in popularityAccutane ratings are decreasing, and with the sport’s TV deal ending in the spring, it is not certain that a new deal will be made.

Some people have blamed figure skating’s popularity on the new scoring system, which is much more complicated than the 6.0 system that was used previously. That’s a really boring answer.

I know the real reason why nobody is watching. Back in December, Sasha Cohen announced that she is skipping the 2007 season. Without Sasha, why should we watch?

It’s clear that figure skating needs some new thinking to rejuvinate the sport. I present to you some ways that figure skating can improve its popularity:

1) Take a cue from the X-Games

Let’s face it, watching people prance about in costumes to classical music isn’t too appealing to younger people. How about featuring better music to start? Beyond that, how about some new death-defying stunts? People love to see other people flying through the air. Exploit that.

2) Bring back Sasha Cohen

I can’t stress that enough.

3) Put the All-Star Game on a real TV channel

Wait, I think I might be mixed-up here.

4) Take a cue from pro wrestling

Let’s face it, figure skating was at its most popular when Tonya Harding’s minions were beating up Nancy Kerrigan. Bring back the drama and viewers will come back.

Those are just a few ways that figure skating can increase its ratings. If you have other ideas, comment away.


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