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You Stay Classy, San Diego

Junior Seau is being sued by 2 women who claim he used “female-specific profanities” and threw drinks at them.

Jane Roe #1 and Jane Roe #2 are accusing Seau of confronting them last year in a bar in San Diego.

According to the complaint, Seau allegedly said “Put your shirt on, your t**s are too small!” to one woman. The other woman allegedly received this fitness advice: “Get on a treadmill you c**t!”

As a result of the incident, the lawsuit contends, the women suffered property damage and mental and emotional anguish, for which they are each seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

It also seems this isn’t the first time Junior has “counseled” San Diegans.

Source: (The Smoking Gun)

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