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What’s the Capital of Thailand?

We have a new candidate for worst person in the world. A Colorado high school basketball coach is facing 39 … 39! counts of assaults on 14-17 year olds of abuse

A former charter school boys Glucophage weight loss coach is accused of regularly hitting players in the groin, exposing some to pornography, and pouring water on them in cold weather, according to court records.

 And just when you thought the old Thailand joke had faded …

A student said Burr would ask them, “What is the capital of Thailand?” When they would answer “Bangkok,” he would hit them in the groin.

It gets worse …

One student sought medical attention for a groin injury he attributed to the coach’s strikes and later had scrotal surgery. Other students told police the strikes to the testicles were “the kind of hits that made you lay down” or “made you stop for a minute to catch your breath.”

Bobby Knight, you look like a saint today.

Source: (Colorado Springs Gazette)

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